Create a partitioned survival regression object of class partsurvfit. The object contains a list of fitted survival models fit using either flexsurvreg or flexsurvspline (i.e., an object of class flexsurvreg_list) and the data frame used to perform the fit of each model. The same data frame must have been used for each fit.

partsurvfit(object, data)



An object of class flexsurvreg_list.


The data frame used to fit each survival model in object. flexsurvreg.


Returns an object of class partsurvfit, which is a list containing two elements. The first element, "models", contains the survival models passed to object, and the second element, "data" contains the data frame passed to data.


library("flexsurv") fit1 <- flexsurv::flexsurvreg(formula = Surv(endpoint1_time, endpoint1_status) ~ age, data = psm4_exdata$survival, dist = "weibull") fit2 <- flexsurv::flexsurvreg(formula = Surv(endpoint2_time, endpoint2_status) ~ age, data = psm4_exdata$survival, dist = "weibull") fsreg_list <- flexsurvreg_list(endpoint1 = fit1, endpoint2 = fit2) fits <- partsurvfit(fsreg_list, data = psm4_exdata$survival) class(fits)
#> [1] "partsurvfit"